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James Grant is a Scottish musician, singer, and songwriter. He grew up in Glasgow's Castlemilk district and still resides in the city.

James Grant's music career began in 1982 as songwriter and guitarist in the new wave band Friends Again, alongside Chris Thomson, later of the Bathers. The group had minor hit singles with "State of Art", "Sunkissed" and "Honey at the Core". They released a self-titled EP in 1983 which reached No. 59 in the UK and then recorded their debut album, Trapped & Unwrapped, in 1984. On 5 June 2015, as part of the BBC Music Day at the broadcaster's Pacific Quay HQ in Glasgow, Grant and Thomson reunited to play two Friends Again songs - "State of Art" and "Honey at the Core" - for a live studio audience. Their performance was broadcast live on the Music Through Midnight show presented by Billy Sloan, though it was also filmed, perhaps for online content or a future broadcast.

When Friends Again split in 1985, Grant went on to form Love and Money along with drummer Stuart Kerr and keyboardist Paul McGeechan. In their nine years together, they recorded four moderately successful albums, All You Need Is..., Strange Kind of Love, Dogs in the Traffic and Littledeath, and had six chart hits in the United Kingdom.

In a newspaper interview in 2019, Grahame Skinner, the lead singer of Scottish pop / new wave band Hipsway, claimed that Grant should have had a credit on their debut single "The Broken Years", as he played lead guitar on the demo which won the band their first record deal with Mercury Records.

Grant's first solo album, Sawdust in My Veins, was released on Survival Records in 1998. It featured long term collaborator Donald Shaw, Karen Matheson, harmonica player Fraser Speirs, drummer James Mackintosh and the BT Scottish Ensemble. After a label change to Vertical, the same lineup was retained for My Thrawn Glory in 2000. I Shot the Albatross, a collection of poetry set to music, was released in 2002. It included interpretations of works by Edwin Morgan, EE Cummings, and William Blake. The gentle, introspective Holy Love followed in 2004, featuring contributions by dobro player Jerry Douglas and ex-Thrum vocalist Monica Queen. Strange Flowers, a more upbeat collection, was released in February 2009.

Grant also scored the film The Near Room and has collaborated with Capercaillie's Karen Matheson, performing live and writing songs for her solo records The Dreaming Sea, Downriver, and Time to Fall.

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