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Brighton is brimming with creativity and a love for the arts which is evident in its ever-growing live music scene. Gig goers will find an array of venues offering ‘live music here tonight’ with an eclectic mix of artists and DJ sets.

Concorde 2

A great space for lovers of all genres is ‘Concorde 2’, a multi award winning live music venue and nightclub. It is well renowned for its club nights that provide a mix of house, drum ‘n’ bass and electro. Recent acts to play in the Brighton venue are Skindred, Mudhoney and DMA’s.

The Green Door Store

A hub that showcases the DIY vibe that Brighton exudes is ‘The Green Door Store’, situated underneath Brighton railway station it is a venue known for its late nights and intimate proximity to the bands. The go to place if you are looking for an impressive band to add to your playlists. For a more relaxed environment to have a drink with the possibility to catch a live band, the ‘Hope and Ruin’ offers an upstairs venue space which throughout the week has a wide range of music available – rock, soul, pop punk, indie and acoustic. Brighton is a music haven for all genres.

Concorde 2 Gigs

20/08/2021 - The Style Councillors
23/08/2021 - Roy Ayers Ubiquity
30/08/2021 - Twin Atlantic
02/09/2021 - Ash
06/09/2021 - Gza - Liquid Swords Live
07/09/2021 - Squid.
08/09/2021 - Squid
10/09/2021 - Sleeper
12/09/2021 - Elvana: Elvis Fronted Nirvana
24/09/2021 - Goat Girl
29/09/2021 - Clearwater Creedence Revival
30/09/2021 - The Wendy James Band
30/09/2021 - JoJo
01/10/2021 - Scritti Politti
05/10/2021 - The Lathums
08/10/2021 - KSI
12/10/2021 - Picture This
14/10/2021 - Sam Tompkins
17/10/2021 - Orla Gartland
19/10/2021 - GOGO PENGUIN

The Green Door Store Gigs