ConcertFlow.com includes, where possible, live videos in our concert listings, this is the 21st century version of an event listing.

Live Video Footage

We source live performance footage from the internet, so you can preview how good a band is live by watching them on video, and see if it’s your kind of music. We search specifically for live events which have been filmed professionally, either in a radio station studio or on stage. We only display videos where we find a match of the artist, so we don’t always include a video performance of every band or artist playing live. Also instead of having to scour the web finding out who artists are, you have them all in one central place.  The technology aids live music discovery and helps you choose what to go and see, by watching bands videos, it's a great way to decide whether to attend a concert or smaller gig. If a picture says a thousand words, then a video is the dictionary. A video immediately gives you an idea what the band sound live.

About Tickets

We don’t sell tickets to concerts ourselves, but partner with reputable and trusted ticket sellers who are authorised to sell tickets to the events. Currently these include Ticketmaster and Ticketweb, though we are intending to add more ticket sellers in the future. Obviously as a website which is more about discovering a new band or artist to go and see, than buying tickets to a well known artists you already know well, we help you discover great new bands for a reasonable ticket price. Less known acts play in smaller more intimate venues, where you can get right up close and experience the music. Also the ticket prices tend to be a lot more comfortably affordable, than big stadium concerts. The prices can start from around £6 and can go up to £25 for up and coming bands.

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