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It is no secret that Manchester’s music scene is legendary, boasting some of the most iconic acts in the industry to emerge such as; The Smiths, Oasis and The Stone Roses. However, even at present day the city is home to great live music venues paving the way for the still evolving underground scene. If you're in Manchester then should checkout these recommended venues.

Deaf Institute

If you’re after a late night with friends grabbing a drink and catching a band then ‘The Deaf Institute’ is the place to head to. A late-night staple with a quirky interior spanning over three floors, where gig goers can fulfil their rock and roll desires till their heart’s content at a venue brimming with upcoming talent. It is no wonder it is one of the best small venues in Manchester with a previous list of rising stars such as; Marmozets, Drenge and Peace gracing its stage.

Night and Day

Another impressive live music venue is ‘Night and Day Café’, a place that during its 20 years in action has welcomed an array of music genres: folk, indie and even electronica. Name a band and they have most likely played here, Arctic Monkeys, Johnny Marr and Mumford and Sons have! Manchester is a brimming pot of indie.

Deaf Institute Gigs

Night and Day Gigs

28/02/2020 - Cosmique Disco
28/02/2020 - Cosmique Disco
01/03/2020 - The Jacques
03/03/2020 - Femur
04/03/2020 - ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead
10/03/2020 - Seprona
20/03/2020 - 0909
21/03/2020 - Scuttlers
27/03/2020 - Cosmique Disco
27/03/2020 - Cosmique Disco
03/04/2020 - Lynchs
08/04/2020 - The Way Down Wanderers
24/04/2020 - The Red Stains
25/04/2020 - Buster Shuffle
01/05/2020 - Neptune Valley
10/05/2020 - Murder By Death
05/06/2020 - Bob Log III
30/06/2020 - Legendary Shack Shakers
17/09/2020 - Flyying Colours
17/10/2020 - Grant-Lee Phillips