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Toby Jepson is a singer and songwriter, and is the lead vocalist and guitarist of British rock band Wayward Sons. He was formerly the lead vocalist and guitarist of Little Angels between 1984 and 1994. Between 2008 and 2015, he was the lead singer with Scottish rock band Gun.

Jepson formed Mr Thrud with his school friend Mark Plunkett in Scarborough, and the band went on to become very popular in their local area. Eventually breaking out and achieving national success, Mr Thrud became Little Angels and went on to release three albums and tour the UK throughout the early 1990s.

The band had twelve Top 40 hit singles, including "Too Much, Too Young" and "Womankind" in 1993, and a number one album Jam in 1993. They toured with Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams and Van Halen, and performed their own headlining tours taking in venues such as Hammersmith Apollo and The Royal Albert Hall. They were arguably one of the most successful and popular British bands of their time.

When the band split in 1994, Jepson continued to write and produce music. His solo debut album was released in 1995 under the moniker "Toby & The Whole Truth". Ignorance Is Bliss showed a different side to his songwriting, and he embarked on a tour to support it. This tour was cut short due to illness that developed into pneumonia, and this affected sales of the album and his profile, which suffered as a result.

Jepson spent a long while out of the spotlight, during which time he moved to Bristol. He earned a living working as a supporting actor on various productions and busying himself with various projects – including writing and recording, although he was not releasing records at the time.

He returned to the public eye in late 2001 and announced a short club tour with a new band . He toured the UK through the start of 2002, and released the Refresh EP over the Internet and at gigs to showcase the new material he had been working on. A re-issue of Ignorance Is Bliss was also made available at this time. As a premium membership feature of his website, he launched the "MP3 Club" in which subscribers would receive exclusive recordings delivered straight to their inbox via email every month.

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