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Swim Deep are a British indie pop band formed in Birmingham, England. The band currently consists of Austin Williams , Cavan McCarthy , James Balmont , Robbie Wood , and Thomas Fiquet .

Swim Deep were formed in 2011 by Williams, Higgins, and Wolfgang J. Harte. Harte left the band in late 2012 and was replaced by Cavan McCarthy. James Balmont joined the band as a live member in 2013 and became a full member the next year. In 2018, it was confirmed Zachary Robinson and Tom Higgins had left the band ahead of recording their third album. Thomas Fiquet and Robbie Wood joined the band for the recording of their third album, 'Emerald Classics'. Swim Deep have been identified as part of the emerging Digbeth-based B-Town scene.

In late 2012, in Brussels, the band began to record what would later become their debut album, Where the Heaven Are We.Where the Heaven Are We was released on 5 August 2013. The band released their second album, Mothers, on 2 October 2015. After a line-up change, they released their third album, Emerald Classics, on 4 October 2019.

Swim Deep was formed in 2010 by Austin Williams, Tom Higgins, and Wolfgang J. Harte. The band went through multiple drummers until they eventually recruited Zachary Robinson, who, at the time, was playing in a band called Cajole Cajole. On the subject, Austin said, "We thought it was a long shot but we’d just lost another drummer so we asked Zach if he wanted to join our band, that was one of the best things that happened, to be honest." After a few months, Harte announced that he was leaving the band. The band played as a three piece until they recruited Cavan McCarthy, a merchandise seller from a fellow Birmingham band, Peace. The band released two demos, "Isla Vista" and "Santa Maria," on SoundCloud in 2011.

In 2012, Swim Deep signed with Chess Club/RCA and released their debut single, "King City," in May 2012. After a UK tour with Spector in November and December 2012, the band went to Brussels to record their debut album with producer Charlie Hugall. They released their second single, "Honey," in November. NME's review of "Honey" said that "the best bits of the Birmingham mob’s latest cut have the pull of a star-spangled whirlpool that’ll suck you back into the late ’80s."

The band accompanied Two Door Cinema Club during their early 2013 UK tour. On 3 February 2013, a video was released for their next single, "The Sea". The single was released the month after on 7" vinyl and download, backed with a cover of "Down by the Seaside". On 10 May 2013, they released their fourth single, "She Changes the Weather", along with an EP of the same name.

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