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Belanova are a Mexican pop band formed in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in 2000. The band consists of Denisse Guerrero , Edgar Huerta and Ricardo "Richie" Arreola . Although these are the only three official members, several other musicians performed in the band's live lineup, most notably Israel "Campanita" Ulloa and Richo Acosta . The band was signed to Virus Records, owned by Universal Music, in 2002.

All three members of the band had a passion for music since childhood. Richie, from Guadalajara, developed his interest in music out of an admiration for The Beatles member Paul McCartney as a child. Edgar, also from Guadalajara, first became interested in music when his brother received a little keyboard as a Christmas present, showing little interest in it, and so Edgar simply began playing it one day. Denisse, originally from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, enjoyed singing since she was a child, and was previously a member of the band 40 Grados, literally "40 Degrees ." The trio met in Guadalajara at a bar where both Edgar and Denisse were working.

Their first album was titled Cocktail and was released in 2003. The first single off the album was "Tus Ojos", which gained popularity due to its inclusion in a Mitsubishi publicity campaign, just after the Japanese car maker's arrival in Mexico. The song reached number one on the Mexican Top 100 and stayed there for 3 consecutive weeks. The album reached number five on the Mexican Albums Chart and was certified Gold; consequently, the album was named one of the Top Five albums of 2003 by Rolling Stone Mexico.

Apart from "Tus Ojos", the album also spawned two more top-twenty hits, "Suele Pasar" and "Y Aún Así Te Vas".

The band spent 2003 and 2004 on a 100-Concert Tour around Mexico promoting the album. Following Cocktail's success, management at Universal Music Mexico company encouraged the band to adopt a more commercial sound. Belanova flew to Argentina to record their second album, moving from electronic music to electropop, and the band was moved from the company's dance-music branch, Virus Records, to the larger one, Universal.

In 2005, Belanova released their second album, Dulce Beat, which gained popularity in the Latin American music market thanks largely to television stations such as MTV. The album was released on June 21, 2005, in Mexico, reaching the number one spot and holding the spot for four non-consecutive weeks. The album went on to sell over 200,000 copies in Mexico alone. The first single was "Me Pregunto", with a sound similar to that of Cocktail. The single was followed soon after by "Por Ti", much more grounded in pop music. Both songs reached number one in Mexico. "Rosa Pastel" was released in July 2006 as the third single. The fourth single, "Niño", was used in promotions for Pizza Hut Mexico. The huge success of the album prompted Disney's Latin American branch to ask the band to record a Spanish version of the song "What I've Been Looking For" for the Latin American release of the High School Musical Soundtrack.

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