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The Intelligence is an American rock band from Seattle, Washington, formed in 1999. Founded by multi-instrumentalist Lars Finberg , the band currently consists of Finberg, alongside Dave Hernandez , Drew Church and Kaanan Tupper .

To date, the band has released nine studio albums, two EPs and a number of singles, the latter often split with other artists.

The Intelligence was formed by Lars Finberg. Since the late 1990s Finberg played in other bands with vocalist/guitarist Erin Sullivan, and bassist Min Yee .

A-Frames and the Intelligence started in 1999. Both acts released singles on Dragnet Records, the indie label Finberg runs with A-Frames members Erin Sullivan and Min Yee.

The Intelligence's first release was a 5 track 7" EP entitled Girlfriends and Boyfriends on Dragnet Records in 2000. Three years later, two tracks featured on a split 7" with the Popular Shapes on Dirtnap Records. This was followed by the two track "Test" 7" on S-S Records in 2003. The following year, Finberg recorded some songs at home and with other musicians that were released on their debut album Boredom And Terror. It was released as vinyl with an extra CD, the latter tracks were re-released on vinyl by Polly Maggoo in 2006. After their debut, The Intelligence got signed to In the Red Records who released their second album Icky Baby in 2005. In 2006 the four-track EP Boys Annoy 12" was released.

The band opened two shows for The Fall at CMJ. The Intelligence first toured in Europe in 2006.

Country Teasers bassist Kaanan Tupper joined the band supporting the 2007 LP, Deuteronomy.

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