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The Generators are a punk rock band formed in 1997 in Los Angeles, California, created as a response to the breakup of the 90's punk rock group Schleprock. The original band was composed of Doug Kane on vocals, Mike Snow and Eric Ortega on guitars, Ernie Berru on the drums and Rich Santia on bass.

The Generators' first album Welcome To The End was released by Los Angeles-based Triple XXX Records in 1997. After positive reviews of their debut album, they turned out a 7-song EP Ninety Nine and 2 more full-length albums by 2001, Burning Ambition on Urgent Music Ltd. and Tyranny on TKO records, and another 8-song EP called State of the Nation on TKO as well.

Between 2003 and 2009 they released 4 more full-length records; Excess Betrayal...And Our Dearly Departed, The Winter Of Discontent, The Great Divide, and Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea. All of these albums were primarily released in Europe on People Like You Records, and were not easy to find in the United States unless imported or from the band themselves at a show.

In 2011 the band went into the studio and released their 8th studio album called Last Of The Pariahs and with help from DC Jam Records. Touring ensued and their new album was seen as one of their best since the early years. They followed the release with some extensive US and European touring.

A 6-song EP on Concrete Jungle records in 2013 called The Deconstruction of Dreams, and once again it showed that The Generators were true to the band's original sound.

2013 has brought the Generators to Randale Records where their latest full-length album "Life Gives-Life Takes" was released in the spring of 2014. This has the band out for most of the summer of 2014 playing gigs, festivals, and radio shows to support their latest release, as well as videos. The Generators have had a long career of international touring and recording that requires availability and commitment. Band members who could no longer meet those requirements moved on to allow those that can to continue the hard work. Such is the case as so many other punk rock and rock bands that The Generators follow in the foot steps of.

Doug and Mike were involved in a side project called the Bedlam Knives who released a 7" on Dr. Strange Records. Their sound is similar to The Generators and they have since broken up.

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