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The Lounge Kittens are an English comedy lounge band formed in Southampton in 2012. They perform covers of classic popular songs, in particular rock and heavy metal songs, in a lounge style focusing on vocal harmonies accompagned by a piano. The trio consists of vocalists Jenny Deacon, Timia Gwendoline, and Zan Lawther, sometimes called Red Kitten, Blue Kitten, and Pink Kitten respectively because of the colour of their hair, with Deacon also performing piano.

Their songs are released via their YouTube channel and accompanied by tongue-in-cheek videos which take token ideas from the original artists' videos. They released their debut EP Just The Tip... in 2015 and their first full-length album Sequins & C-Bombs the following year. In 2019 they released a second EP, Have Another....

Deacon and Gwendoline met in 2012 at a production of Company at the University of Southampton, owing their meeting to the fact that they were both wearing the same black, white, and silver glitter socks. Deacon runs a Rock Choir in Southampton where she and Gwendoline met Lawther. During a night out at Southampton's iconic rock club The Dungeon, the idea for The Lounge Kittens was born out of singing along to Vengaboys song "We Like to Party ".

The Lounge Kittens sing in three-part harmony and credit Richard Cheese and The Andrews Sisters as their influences; 'Imagine if Richard Cheese seduced all three of the Andrews Sisters...and each had a little Lounge Baby. The Lounge Kittens would be the scandalous by product of that sordid affair'. Their first demo recordings, made in early February 2014, were an eclectic trio of musical styles: "Firework" by Katy Perry, "Rollin'" by Limp Bizkit, and "Ob La Di Ob La Da" by The Beatles. Their repertoire boasts over 40 songs, including songs by The Prodigy, House of Pain, Elton John, Rammstein, and Iron Maiden. and they cite their musical tastes cover Rock, Jazz, Punk, Psychobilly, Ragga, Hip Hop, Folk, Ska, Pop, Soul, Metal, Dance, House, Grunge, and others.

On 26 February 2014 the Lounge Kittens posted a video to YouTube of their cover version of Limp Bizkit's "Rollin'". On 28 February they sent a tweet to Fred Durst, the Limp Bizkit frontman, with a link to their video. Four hours later Durst replied 'loving it' and promptly posted the video on his band's Facebook page. Following the endorsement from Durst, The Lounge Kittens video went viral and subsequently had appearances on Kerrang!'s and Metal Hammer's Facebook pages. Within a week the video had nearly 75,000 views.

Following on from the success of "Rollin'", The Lounge Kittens worked on increasing their repertoire. Deacon had the idea to arrange an Aerosmith song in a tango style. Deacon says 'I was imagining the kind of naughty, sexy, but totally clueless image we could make through a tango... The tango is about power, so I naturally turned to rock love songs'. In June 2014 the video to the song "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" was released.

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