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Taking Back Sunday is an American rock band from Long Island, New York. The band was formed by guitarist Eddie Reyes in 1999. The band's members are Adam Lazzara , John Nolan , Shaun Cooper , and Mark O'Connell , and they are joined by Nathan Cogan for their live performances. Nolan and Cooper left the group in 2003 before rejoining in 2010.

The band has released studio albums with various past members Fred Mascherino , Matthew Rubano , Matthew Fazzi , and Eddie Reyes . Louder Now was the band's breakout mainstream album, notably because of the popularity of its lead single "MakeDamnSure". The album sold over 900,000 copies and peaked at No. 2 on the United States Billboard 200, surpassing the band's previous Billboard 200 peak in 2004 at No. 3 with Where You Want to Be.

Before the release of their first studio album Tell All Your Friends , they released Taking Back Sunday's EP in 2001, when the band featured former lead vocalist Antonio Longo. At that time, the EP received very little attention, eventually resulting in the band seeking a new lead singer, Adam Lazzara. Lazzara had at first joined the band as its guitarist, left a few months after it formed, then replaced original bassist Jesse Lacey during the EP's recording sessions. John Nolan and Shaun Cooper left the band in 2003 only to rejoin in 2010, in time for the band's release of their eponymous album Taking Back Sunday . The album was produced by Eric Valentine and released through Warner Bros. Records.

In 2014, the band released their sixth studio album Happiness Is to positive reviews. The album reached number 10 on the US Billboard 200. In 2016, they released their seventh album Tidal Wave.

Guitarist Eddie Reyes, who had played in The Movielife, Mind Over Matter and Inside, and guitarist Jesse Lacey of the Rookie Lot founded Taking Back Sunday in Amityville, New York in November 1999. Lacey moved to bass with the addition of guitarist John Nolan. The group also included vocalist Antonio Longo of One True Thing and drummer Steven DeJoseph. At a party, Nolan reportedly romanced Lacey's girlfriend, after which Lacey left the band. Lacey formed Brand New a year later. Nolan contacted Adam Lazzara to fill in on bass, which resulted in Lazzara moving from North Carolina to New York. Lazzara had met the band when they played a show near his hometown in North Carolina.

DeJoseph left, leaving the band without a drummer. Mark O'Connell, a friend of Reyes, heard about the vacancy and joined the group. After recording Taking Back Sunday's self-titled EP, Longo left the band and eventually played with The Prizefighter and the Mirror. In December 2000, Lazzara switched from bass to lead vocals. He never thought he would become the group's singer: "I remember getting into Windstar with that and just driving around singing those songs, just to make myself actually do it." O'Connell suggested that the group needed a bassist, and brought in Shaun Cooper of Breaking Pangaea. In February 2001, Taking Back Sunday released a five-track demo before touring for a year.

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