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Suzanne deBronkart, better known by her stage name Suede, is an American pop, cabaret and jazz singer. She was born in Nyack, New York and went to high school in Severna Park, Maryland. She began playing music in high school, getting bar gigs before she even graduated. She lived in Baltimore for the majority of the 1980s and became a fixture at many local clubs. Suede's popularity steadily increased and she began playing sold-out shows in some of the US's most respected concert halls.

She is best known for successfully suing the British band Suede for the rights to the name, meaning that the band's subsequent albums were released in the US under the name "The London Suede".

In addition to being a vocalist, Suede plays many instruments; trumpet, piano, and guitar. She currently lives in Cape Cod.

Suede toured briefly with The Flirtations and was on their album, Three.

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