About Royston Langdon (Spacehog)

Royston William Langdon is the English lead singer and bassist of the English-American glam rock band Spacehog.

Langdon was born on 1 May 1972 in Leeds. When he was young, he and his older brother Antony joined the Leeds Parish Church choir; the two of them would later found Spacehog in 1994. Antony plays rhythm guitar for the band. Shortly after Spacehog was formed, Langdon came to New York City, where he met Bryce Goggin; the two became friends, and Goggin would later produce Spacehog's best known song, "In the Meantime".

From 25 March 2003 to April 2008 he was married to actress Liv Tyler, with whom he has a son, Milo William Langdon .

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