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Héctor Eduardo Reglero Montaner , better known as Ricardo Montaner ), is an Argentine-Venezuelan singer and songwriter. Since starting his career in the late 1970s, he has released more than 24 albums, and many successful singles. He has sold an estimated 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling Latin music artists.

Montaner was born as Héctor Eduardo Reglero Montaner, in Valentín Alsina, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. His family moved to Venezuela when he was 6 years old. During his youth, he performed in the church choir in the city of Maracaibo. The first song he internationally performed in a festival in Peru was "Canta, viejo, canta". After this, he decided to choose his artistic name Ricardo Montaner .

In 1976, he recorded his first single named Mares produced by the Venezuelan italian singer Roberto Luti. The same year he participated in the Ancon Festival , where he gained some popularity after performing his song "Murallas".

In 1983, he released his first album titled Cada Día. Although the album was not a great success in Venezuela, it was a start for Montaner's career in Venezuela. It wasn't until 1987 that Montaner became widely popular in Venezuela, with the singles "Yo Que Te Amé" and "Vamos a Dejarlo" from his self-titled album.

The following year he came out with Ricardo Montaner 2 which featured hit songs like "Tan Enamorados" and "A Donde Va el Amor". At the same time, he acted in the popular telenovela , Niña Bonita. This became a starting point to make his songs known to the rest of Latin America where he won 4 platinum albums in Argentina alone. His next two albums, Un Toque de Misterio and En el Último Lugar del Mundo, became big hits in the Mexican charts, also in Central and South America he had hits such as "La Cima del Cielo", "Me Va a Extrañar", "Déjame Llorar" and "Será".

By 1992, Ricardo decided to hit the Spanish Caribbean with Los Hijos del Sol, an album that contained songs like "Castillo Azul", "Honda" and "Piel Adentro". That year, he also recorded a duet with Michelle, which was the Latin American version for the Aladdin song "A Whole New World" titled "Un Mundo Ideal". In the same year, he performed his live concert in Madison Square Garden with more than 16,000 people who attended the concert. Additionally, he released singles such as "La pequeña Venecia" in which he demonstrates his immense love and appreciation towards his naturalized country of Venezuela, in which he refers to Venezuela as his country. Montaner was nominated for three Lo Nuestro Awards in 1993: Pop Artist of the Year, and Pop Song and Video of the Year for the single "Castillo Azul".

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