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Stephen Paul Manderson , better known by his stage name Professor Green or simply Pro Green, is an English rapper, songwriter and television personality from London.

Growing up on a council estate in East London, Green went on to become a multi-platinum artist, with 3.5 million combined sales in the UK. He is the co-host of Lip Sync Battle UK on Channel 5. His autobiography featured on the Times bestseller list and he is the patron of the suicide prevention charity Calm.

Manderson's mother gave birth to him when she was 16 years old, splitting with the boy's father shortly after. Manderson was raised by his grandmother, great-grandmother and uncles in a two bedroom flat on the Northwold housing estate in Clapton, Hackney, London, in a home which he describes as chaotic. Green's great-grandmother Edie taught him to read, and fed his intellectual curiosity as a child. When she died it had a great impact on the him as they were so close.

He sold cannabis as a youngster and smoked it on a daily basis between the ages of 16 and 24. Although he was a bright student and dreamed of being a lawyer, he suffered from depression at the loss of his parents and he left school without any qualifications.

When Green was 24 years old his father committed suicide. Green went to identify the corpse in the morgue. He stopped using any drugs from that point to allow himself to process the death fully.

In 2006 he released his first mixtape, Lecture #1. He was signed to The Beats, a record label run by Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem, until February 2008, when the label terminated. He then self-produced an EP called The Green EP. He rose to success upon winning the inaugural JumpOff MySpace £50,000 battle rap tournament in 2008. Following this he worked with Lily Allen on her 2009 concert tour.

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