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Nick Harper is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist. He is the son of English folk musician Roy Harper.

Harper was born in London to the folk singer-songwriter Roy Harper. Nick tells of how he remembers a continual procession through the Harper household of his father's famous friends, including not only 'folk/acoustic' artists such as Davy Graham, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Jackson C. Frank, Sandy Denny and Paul Simon but also rock musicians such as Keith Moon, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant David Gilmour and others. Influenced by his upbringing in such company Nick himself started playing guitar at the age of 10. He made his recording debut on his father's 1985 Whatever Happened to Jugula? and subsequently toured with him for a few years before beginning a musical career of his own.

His first solo release was the 1994 EP Light at the End of the Kennel which he quickly succeeded with his 1995 album Seed. In 1996, after this release, he had a chance meeting with Squeeze frontman and songwriter Glenn Tilbrook, which led to Harper being given the support slot for the forthcoming Squeeze tour and his being signed up to Tilbrook's own Quixotic label.

Following tours in the UK, US and Japan, Harper recorded both the 1998 album Smithereens and 2000's Harperspace with Tilbrook as producer. After moving to the Sangraal label in the early 2000s, a further EP , live double album and studio album were released.

His 2006 album Treasure Island was a change of direction, seeing both a concerted shift to more overtly political themes and to more historical perspectives. The album's title track is inspired by an obscure Liverpudlian philanthropist who employed destitute men returning from the Napoleonic Wars to dig tunnels for no other reason than to give them something to do.

May 2007 saw a special iTunes download release of his first single "Blue Sky Thinking", taken from his sixth studio album Miracles for Beginners on behalf of the Love Hope Strength foundation, a cancer charity founded to provide a global support network for cancer survivors. It received favourable reviews and radio airplay across the UK and Europe. All proceeds from the single went to the Foundation. Miracles for Beginners itself was released in June 2007.

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