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Metronomy are an English electronic music group formed in 1999. The current band consists of Joseph Mount , Oscar Cash , Anna Prior , Olugbenga Adelekan and Michael Lovett . Their music consists of vocal and instrumental electronic pop music. Mount also releases remixes under the name Metronomy, and has remixed many artists including Gorillaz, Sebastien Tellier, Roots Manuva, Franz Ferdinand, Klaxons, Goldfrapp, Young Knives, Zero 7, Ladytron, Kate Nash, Lady Gaga and Lykke Li.

Metronomy have released six albums of original material, Pip Paine , Nights Out, The English Riviera,Love Letters, Summer 08, and Metronomy Forever.

As a teenager, Joseph Mount began Metronomy as a bedroom project while he was still living with his parents in Devon. After having an interest in music from an early age, he "drummed in a few bands at school and they all fell apart. Then I got an old computer off my dad and I started messing around when I was about sixteen or seventeen". The name Metronomy was originally chosen by Mount as the name sounded cool and interesting and was in keeping with the bands he was heavily into, namely Autechre and Funkstorung. The word 'Metronomy' is also linked to a metronome, which is a piece of equipment musicians use to help keep and set tempo.

In 2002, Mount moved to Brighton for his studies, while having a number of odd jobs, including one at a local HMV. Upon graduating, he became interested in music production and began "soundtracking animations". During his time in Brighton, Mount began to get involved with electronic music nights and performed as a DJ. At one of these gigs he was approached by "some guy, told me he’d put out a record. It turned out that of the songs I’d recorded, I had an album’s worth".

In the autumn of 2005, Metronomy released a debut album, Pip Paine preceded by the first single 'You Could Easily Have Me'. After it had received limited attention, Mount began to build up a reputation for live shows. Initially, Metronomy was essentially a laptop/DJ act, although Mount soon asked his cousin Oscar Cash and an old schoolfriend Gabriel Stebbing to join him. Mount explained that "I was doing some shows on my own , which was pretty crap, so I thought it would be better to get a band thing going on".

Over the next three years, the trio spent gaining live-experience while Mount recreated mixes for many other artists, as contractual issues with the record company halted any new release. On remixing, Mount has said "asically, I only like remixers that really care about what they're doing. I can honestly say that I have got really involved in all of my remixes. If I’ve not got anywhere with one I will tell whoever it is that I’m giving up. That doesn't happen that often." Metronomy has "a good strike rate" in terms of remix work released. However, a DFA-inspired remix of U2's "City of Blinding Lights" was dismissed by their marketing manager and was not released.

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