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William John Paul "Liam" Gallagher is an English singer and songwriter. He rose to fame as the lead singer of the rock band Oasis, and later served as the singer of Beady Eye, before performing as a solo artist after the dissolution of both bands.

His dress sense–with a penchant for Parka jackets–and abrasive manner have been the subject of commentary in the press; through these and his distinctive singing style he remains one of the most recognisable figures in British music.

His debut solo album As You Were, which was released 6 October 2017, proved to be a critical and commercial success, topping the UK Albums Chart and being certified Platinum. With over 103,000 units sold in its first week it was the ninth fastest-selling debut of the decade in the UK. His second solo album, Why Me? Why Not., topped the UK charts on 27 September 2019. His tenth chart topper , it is the fastest selling vinyl of 2019.

William John Paul Gallagher was born to Irish parents Thomas and Peggy Gallagher in Longsight in Manchester before later moving to Burnage. He was physically abused by his father as a child, although not to the extent that his older brothers Noel and Paul were. He has said that the abuse affected him deeply and inspired him to become an artist. When Liam was 10, Peggy took the boys and moved away from Thomas . Although Liam maintained sporadic contact with his father throughout his teens, he has said that their issues remain unresolved. Paul and Noel often contend that even from a young age, Liam went out of his way to antagonise people, especially Noel, with whom he shared a bedroom. The Gallagher brothers were troubled, especially in their mid-teens; Liam often shoplifted bicycles from local shops. He attended St. Bernard's RC Primary School until age 11, then The Barlow Roman Catholic High School; despite common reports that he was expelled at age 16 for fighting, Liam was actually suspended for three months. He then returned to school, where he completed his last term in Spring 1990. He gained 4 GCSEs.

Liam had no interest in music at a young age, preferring sports. He credits his change in attitude towards music to a blow to the head by a hammer he received from a student from a rival school. After this incident, he became infatuated with the idea of joining a band.

Noel has said that Liam showed little interest in music until his late teens, was better looking than him, a better singer, had better clothes and could wear a parka jacket with more style. Gallagher became confident in his ability to sing and began listening to bands like the Beatles, the Stone Roses, the Who, the Kinks, the Jam, and T.Rex. In the process he forged an obsession with former Beatles singer/songwriter John Lennon; Liam would later sarcastically claim to be Lennon reincarnated, despite being born eight years prior to Lennon's death.

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