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King Prawn were a prominent band of the UK ska punk scene during the 1990s and early 2000s. The band re-formed in 2012 without original bassist Babar Luck.

The band's formation was in London, 1993. The first major recording was First Offence three years later, produced by Martin "Ace" Kent of Skunk Anansie. They were nominated for a Kerrang! award in 1998 for Best New British Band, and in 2000 for Spirit of Independence. King Prawn toured regularly with a broad range of bands, varying from hardcore to traditional and 2 Tone ska bands. King Prawn songs often contained political lyrics that, along with the band's blending of genres, led to comparisons with bands such as Rage Against the Machine.

King Prawn played their penultimate concert on 20 December 2003 at The Forum in Kentish Town which was recorded for their live DVD. Their final gig followed the next night at the Pitz club in Milton Keynes and members have since moved on to other projects: drummer Nikolai formed Left Step Band, an eclectic four piece Hip Hop groove machine; Babar Luck performs as a solo artist and also in a variety of collaborative projects including his rock band East End Trinity.

In the summer of 2007, Al Rumjen joined Asian Dub Foundation as their new vocalist. His first performance as a member of Asian Dub Foundation was at The Womad Festival in Singapore and his first album with the band was Punkara.

In 2012, the band confirmed they will be playing festivals and a club tour afterward featuring a brass section but without Babar Luck.

In 2013, the band played at Boomtown Festival and Reading & Leeds Festivals and competed a UK tour in November 2013.

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