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Arish Ahmad Khan , better known by his stage name King Khan, is a Canadian musician/producer/artist/writer. He is best known as the frontman of King Khan and the Shrines and for being one half of The King Khan & BBQ Show.

Khan was born in Montreal to an Indo-Canadian family. Since 2005 he resides in Berlin, Germany with his wife and two daughters.

King Khan was a member of a number of Canadian garage bands including the Spaceshits, a frantic garage punk outfit formed in mid-1995. As his circle of fellow troublemaker musicians grew, in 1999 he helped create a "death cult" of such musicians, originally known as the "Kukamongas" with identifying tattoos and a love for real rock n' roll. He used the Blacksnake moniker while in the Spaceshits whose two full-length albums were released on Sympathy for the Record Industry. He has spent a considerable amount of time in collaboration with former Spaceshits bandmate Mark Sultan in the two-man band, The King Khan & BBQ Show. Since 1999 King Khan has performed as leader and front man of King Khan and the Shrines, a psychedelic soul nine member band. They signed to Vice Records in 2008 and Merge Records in 2013. In early 2009 King Khan collaborated with Mark Sultan and the four members of the Black Lips to form a gospel supergroup called Almighty Defenders. Their debut album was released on Vice Records on September 22, 2009.

In 2005 Khan made his first film soundtrack for "Schwarze Schafe" . In 2016 he scored the film "Back To Nothing" . In 2018 Khan was asked by Rapid Eye Movies to replace two soul songs in the film "Blue Film Woman" a soft core Japanese "Pink Film" made in 1969, restored and to be re-released in 2019 by Rapid Eye Movies. In 2019 he scored and was music supervisor for a documentary film about civil rights called "The Invaders" .

In 2014 King Khan had the vision to celebrate Black Power using the mystic language of Tarot. He chose 26 African American people whom he felt followed a true path of illumination despite being born in a country that was so corrupt with racism and vehemently against them. Khan had studied the Tarot over a decade and was given a deck of the Tarot de Marseilles by Alejandro Jodorowsky while he visited him at his home. Jodorowsky's personal teachings paved the way for Khan to understand the Tarot much deeper than ever before. The mission behind the "Black Power Tarot" was to add a heavy dose of surrealistic mythos to American history by replacing the archetypes of the major arcana with the chosen people thus giving the world a new deck. Khan shared this vision with Belfast artist, Michael Eaton who then came up with the drawings. Khan provided him with many specific design instructions to stay true to the sacred geometry of the Marseilles deck, so that this deck could be used in the same way. Khan then presented the drawings to Jodorowsky, who was asked to approve of each one. Jodorowsky approved 17 of the 22 cards in the first round. Khan & Eaton made the proper changes to the 5 remaining cards until they finally received Jodo's blessings and the supreme honour of being two of his spiritual warriors.

In August 2015 Khan announced the creation of his own record label Khannibalism, a joint venture between himself and Ernest Jenning Record Co.. The label has released a series of 4 singles from the soundtrack to the film The Invaders, as well as full-length albums from William S. Burroughs, Khan, The Black Lips and Saba Lou. In 2019 Khannibalism plans on releasing the King Khan Experience, The Complete Invaders Film Soundtrack, Saba Lou's second album.

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