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Jon Gomm is an English singer-songwriter and performer. Using a single acoustic guitar to create drum sounds, bass lines and melodies simultaneously, his songs draw on a range of influences and styles including blues, soul, rock and even metal. Michael Hedges is an important source of inspiration. To date he has recorded three solo albums and has toured full-time since 2004.

Jon Gomm started playing ukulele at the age of two. Classical guitar lessons began at the age of four, and at twelve he was accompanying his father, a music critic, to blues gigs in his hometown of Blackpool. As a teenager he played electric guitar in the style of the rock greats.

On leaving school, Gomm turned down a place at Oxford University studying English to attend The Guitar Institute in London. While there, he paid his way through college playing jazz in café-bars, recording as a session guitarist, and playing Country music in Working men's clubs for line-dancers. He moved to the Yorkshire city of Leeds, where he is now based, to study on the Jazz degree course at Leeds College of Music.

His solo performances started in Leeds. He extended the sounds he could make with an acoustic guitar – hitting the surface to make snare drum, bass drum and bongo sounds, re-tuning the strings to get bass sounds, and using high harmonics from the guitar for synthesizer-like effects. He worked these techniques into his own songs, and put his years of singing blues into use.

Musically he is a disciple of Michael Hedges, and as such part of a generation of guitarists using extended techniques which includes Andy McKee and Erik Mongrain. The tattoo on his arm is from the cover of the Michael Hedges album Oracle.

Jon Gomm has rejected mainstream music industry values and practices and avoids playing chain venues and corporate festivals. His appearances are generally organised with independent promoters in venues like real ale pubs in rural areas, theatres or arts centre. He has been a regular performer at The Junction Inn, Otley for many years and attracts a large crowd whenever in town.

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article "Jon Gomm", which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

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