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Jason Lytle is an American musician best known for his work in the indie rock group Grandaddy. The group split in 2005, and Lytle continued to release music as a solo artist and in collaboration with other musicians. Grandaddy reformed in 2012.

Lytle was born in Modesto, California and has an older sister, one older brother, a sister and a stepsister. His father was in the grocery business, and his mother a housewife; they divorced when Lytle was aged seven. A fan of music at an early age, he played drums as a child. Skateboarding captured his interest in his teens, and by his late teens Lytle was a sponsored amateur. While laid up with a career-ending ACL injury, he started to play music again, writing songs and eventually setting up a home studio. Grandaddy came together gradually, signed to V2 Records, put out albums, and toured the world.

After spending years on the road, Lytle grew tired of the rock and roll lifestyle and recorded much of the band's final album, Just Like the Fambly Cat, on his own. In December 2005, six months prior to the release of Just Like the Fambly Cat, the band decided to break up: the reasons included elusive mainstream success, despite widespread critical acclaim, and lack of money. Early in 2006, Lytle moved to Montana from Modesto, where he had lived his whole life.

Mid-2006 saw Lytle briefly touring the U.S. in support of The Fambly Cat, playing new arrangements of Grandaddy songs as a duo with Rusty Miller of the band Jackpot. The tour was brokered as part of a deal to get V2 to agree to release a Grandaddy DVD that Lytle had in the works.

In December 2008, Lytle appeared in the music video for "I Am Lost ", which later was released on his debut album, Yours Truly, the Commuter. The video was shot in Sylmar, CA and directed by The General Assembly.

In 2013 Lytle moved from Montana to Portland, Oregon. As of March 2015 Lytle was producing an LP for Band of Horses, and has stated that he will follow it with work on another Grandaddy album.

Lytle moved back to his hometown of Modesto, California in the summer of 2016. Grandaddy toured during 2016 and released its fifth studio album, Last Place, in March 2017.

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