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Danny Byrd is a British DJ, record producer and musician from Bath in the South West of England. He is influenced by genres such as house, UK garage, R&B and the jungle sound. He primarily releases his music through Hospital Records, the UK-based independent dance music label.

Danny Byrd was one of the first artists to sign to Hospital Records in 1999. His first Hospital singles were Do It Again and Changes.

In 2000 BBC Radio 1's Fabio championed Danny's remix of London Elektricity's Wishing Well. Remixes by Danny Byrd for High Contrast and contributions to the Hospital Records compilation "Weapons of Mass Creation" followed.

In 2008 he released his first album, "Supersized". His second album is called "Rave Digger", and was released in October 2010.

His album "Golden Ticket" was released in June 2013.

In September 2018, he released his latest album "Atomic Funk".

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