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Emarosa is an American alternative rock band from Lexington, Kentucky. The band currently consists of founding member and lead guitarist ER White, as well as lead vocalist Bradley Walden, bass guitarist Robert Joffred, and rhythm guitarist Matthew Marcellus.

Upon forming in 2006, they released one extended play in 2007, titled This Is Your Way Out, and shortly after, the group underwent significant line-up and sound changes, dropping their metalcore influence and leaning towards a more rock sound. The band released their debut studio album, Relativity , which featured vocalist Jonny Craig and rhythm guitarist Jonas Ladekjaer. Their eponymous second album was released in June 2010, to critical acclaim, and was Craig's final album with the group.

Following Craig's departure, he was replaced by vocalist Bradley Walden. They released their third album, Versus, on September 9, 2014, which peaked at No. 61 in the Billboard 200. The band signed to Hopeless Records and released their fourth and fifth studio albums, 131 and Peach Club . The group has undergone several line-up changes throughout its career, with lead guitarist ER White being the sole remaining founding member, and has gravitated towards a more pop rock sound, further departing from their original post-hardcore and hard rock sound.

Emarosa began with keyboardist Jordan Stewart, drummer Lukas Koszewski and guitarist E.R. White having the decision of either attending college, or staying in their hometown of Lexington, Kentucky to start a new band. Stewart stated that "There's too much of an itch to do this," regarding the band he helped start in February 2006. The band origins date back to early high school, which was said by keyboardist Jordan Stewart on Indiestar.tv. Stewart states some of the members had been playing in high school before "taking it serious," referring to four of the original members on the current lineup . Emarosa, formed in 2006 as Corsets Are Cages, recorded a three-song demo during with vocalist Chris Roberts and rhythm guitarist Mike Bryant, however they left the band. The band recruited Chris Roetter and Madison Stolzer as replacements for the lost members and changed their name to Emarosa. They were signed to StandBy Records to record their 7 track EP This Is Your Way Out, which included a re-recording of the demo of "Utah, But I'm Taller", renamed just "Utah". It was released on May 1, 2007, by StandBy Records through Thriving Records because StandBy had no distribution at the time.

Shortly after the release of their debut EP, Chris Roetter and Madison Stolzer left the band. On November 19, 2007, Jonny Craig, former Dance Gavin Dance vocalist, was officially announced as the new vocalist. Jordan Stewart and Lukas Koszewski were interviewed in which they referred to the problems regarding Jonny Craig and the transitions: "In the beginning it was pretty intense. We would receive rather nasty comments and messages on Myspace asking what happened to Chris and why Jonny was no longer with Dance Gavin Dance. Sometimes when we play, kids will think it is funny to throw in remarks about the change and how they liked the old stuff better. The time between us realizing Chris wasn't working out to the time Jonny joined was extremely short. But even with Chris in the band, it was already decided that our full-length wouldn't have as much screaming. We just kept writing the way we had been before parting ways with Chris". Jonas Ladekjaer also joined the band as their new rhythm guitarist, forming their first solid line-up.

On January 26, 2008, Emarosa posted their first official song with Jonny Craig titled, "New Demo" . Two weeks later, the demo of "Pretend. Release. The Close." was put on their player. On May 3, 2008, three new post-production songs were added to the MySpace player and the name of the album, Relativity, was revealed. The album was released on July 8, 2008, and received high praise from critics and fans alike.

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