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Electric Eel Shock are a three-piece garage rock band, formed in Tokyo in 1994. They first toured the United States in 1999.

Akihito Morimoto, known as 'Aki' and Kazuto Maekawa first met in high School in Osaka. Aki learned English from the lyrics of bands he liked.Akihito Morimoto and Kazuto Maekawa first formed an 80s metal cover band in high school called Caducious.

Morimoto and Maekawa moved to Tokyo and played as guitarist and bassist in a five-piece pop rock band. Morimoto later said that one of the main reasons for this band's demise was that they acted on everything that they were told, and as a result soon became directionless. This helped form the attitude of Electric Eel Shock – that musicians should listen to the views of others, but should learn from their own mistakes.

After the demise of the pop rock band, Morimoto and Maekawa stayed in Tokyo. Morimoto followed his passion of fishing and became a competitive angler ) and Maekawa joined The Apollos as session bassist. Maekawa's low-slung bass and unkempt appearance was at odds with The Apollos' suited and polished image, and meant that his time in this role was short-lived. However, Maekawa left a lasting impression on their drummer, Tomoharu Ito . Gian, who had a day job making artificial teeth, was soon introduced to Morimoto, and the three started practicing together shortly afterwards.

The first incarnation of Electric Eel Shock was different from their current attributes. The band's first public performances were as an 11-piece group with keyboards, female vocals and French horns. It was not until the logistics of getting all of its members together on the same day to practice became unworkable that the band stripped down to a three-piece.

Gian took up playing with four drumsticks, and also gained a reputation for playing almost naked. Gian has been arrested once, in Hong Kong and fined HK$100, for playing this way.

Electric Eel Shock decided against making demos and sending them to record companies. Instead, they quickly set up the Micro Music record label with their friends, and released their first full-length album, Maybe... I Think We Can Beat Nirvana. They followed this with Live Punctured.

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