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Crossfaith is a Japanese heavy metal band from Osaka that was formed in 2006. The band released their first demo Blueprint of Reconstruction in 2008. The band consists of vocalist Kenta Koie, guitarist Kazuki Takemura, Hiroki Ikegawa on bass guitar, drummer Tatsuya Amano and Terufumi Tamano on keyboards. They are characterized by a fusion of metal and hardcore with dubstep and other forms of electronic music, and for their intense live performances.

They released their first studio album, The Artificial Theory for the Dramatic Beauty, through Zestone Records in 2009, and their second studio album The Dream, the Space in 2011 through Tragic Hero Records. Crossfaith then released their first EP Zion in September 2012, this acted as a promotional release to countries outside Japan.

The band started when vocalist Kenta Koie, now guitarist Kazuki Takemura and turntablist Terufumi Tamano were in a nu metal band which they covered Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit songs. This used to feature Kenta rapping as well as screaming. After their cover band broke up Kenta wanted to start up a new metal band. To do this he asked drummer Tatsuya Amano, a fellow student at his school who was in Kenta's music club to audition. Amano's drum cover of Slipknot's "" impressed Kenta and the others so much they knew they wanted him a part of the band. Turntablist Terufumi joined the new project with an inspiration from electronic dance music groups such as Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy, Terufumi would work to connect his electronica inspirations with the heavy metal covers the band was doing at the time. The band formed fuelled by their hatred of Japan's enormous pop music culture.

In 2010, Koie was featured in Manafest's song "No Plan B" on Avalanche/No Plan B EP.

Also in 2010, the band covered the song "Omen" by The Prodigy which was featured as a bonus track on the Japanese version of Fearless Records' Punk Goes Pop Volume 03..

In their early touring history, they were supported by bands like Hatebreed, Machine Head, In This Moment, Bleeding Through, The Used, August Burns Red or Memphis May Fire. In March 2011, Tragic Hero Records signed Crossfaith for an American release of their second album The Dream, the Space.

In 2012, Crossfaith's tour schedule for around the Europe expanded, supporting Of Mice & Men with Bury Tomorrow and later in the year supporting While She Sleeps alongside Bleed from Within and Polar in September. In August the band went to Japan to play the Summer Sonic festival, the largest festival in the country, where they played at 3am to 10,000 people.

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