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Connan Tant Hosford, better known by the stage name Connan Mockasin, is a New Zealand musician, composer and record producer born in Te Awanga, New Zealand. Hosford has spent the last 10 years living between London, Lewes, Manchester and Los Angeles, and now resides in Tokyo.

Born and raised in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, Hosford started his first band "The Four Skins" while attending Havelock North intermediate school in 1995. Soon after this, due to embarrassment, Connan called an end to The Four Skins, and didn't start another band until several years later.

In 2003, after moving to Wellington, Hosford briefly played in a band called "The Hornery Stiffmen" , consisting of Blake Pryor and Christopher Chalmers , before forming his principal New Zealand group "Connan And The Mockasins", named after Connan's interest in making his own shoes. Playing alongside Connan were Ross Walker and Seamus Ebbs . It was with this band that Connan relocated to London in May 2006 after releasing their second EP "Uuu It's Teasy".

The first release to bear the name "Connan Mockasin" was the 2010 LP, "Please Turn Me Into The Snat", which was re-released as "Forever Dolphin Love" the following year. This album saw a significant change in style to Connan's previous work, and has been described by critics as "fluid", "meandering and blissful", "seemingly effortless" and "mesmerising". In a conversation about why he made the album, Mockasin said "It was never meant to be released...It was just me being silly, really, and Mum forced me to do it." Recording took place in his home in Te Awanga. The re-released 2CD version included a live recording entitled "Forever Dolphin Live", recorded in an apartment in London.

It was at this stage Hosford put together an incarnation of the existing Connan Mockasin live band: Matthew Eccles , Nicholas Harsant , Sam Dust and Rory McCarthy .

Mockasin and band toured with Charlotte Gainsbourg as her live band after Mockasin composed the song 'Out Of Touch' for her 2011 album Stage Whisper.

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