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Blue October is an English synthpop/pop/dance band based in Essex, formed in 1996 by Glen Wisbey and Barney Miller.

Their first album Incoming was released in 1998, on the US record label, A Different Drum. Tragedy was to strike suddenly as Miller unexpectedly died soon afterwards. In 2001 a second album, Preaching Lies to the Righteous was released with Ross Carter replacing Miller as vocalist. A third album, One Day Silver, One Day Gold was released in 2005 as a third member, Chris Taubert, joined the band.

2008 saw the release of their fourth album from Walk Amongst the Living. Produced by Steve Travell, the album saw the band push their sound further with the introduction of live drums and heavier guitar sounds.

In 2010 Carter left the band, who have since recruited Chris Beecham as replacement. June 2010 saw the band start work on their, as yet, untitled fifth studio album.

In addition to the album releases, Blue October have appeared on a number of compilation albums, including the Microsoft Xbox game, Dance Dance Revolution Ultra Mix 4.

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