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Bernard John Marsden is an English rock and blues guitarist. He is primarily known for his work with Whitesnake, having written or co-written with David Coverdale many of the group's hit songs, such as "Fool for Your Loving", "Walking in the Shadow of the Blues", "She's A Woman", "Lovehunter", "Trouble", "Child of Babylon", "Rough and Ready", and the multi-million selling chart-topper "Here I Go Again".

After playing with local Buckingham based groups, Marsden formed Skinny Cat at the age of 17.

Marsden got his first professional gig with UFO in 1972. He next played with Glenn Cornick's Wild Turkey in 1973, before he joined drummer Cozy Powell's band Cozy Powell's Hammer. He then joined Babe Ruth in 1975, and played on two releases for Capitol Records, Stealin' Home and Kid's Stuff , during his time with Babe Ruth, Cozy Powell recommended him to Jon Lord who was forming a post Deep Purple band with Ian Paice, Paice Ashton Lord, in 1976, with Tony Ashton .

During his time recording the Malice in Wonderland album with Paice Ashton Lord, Marsden worked alongside saxophonist Howie Casey who recommended Marsden join Paul McCartney's Wings, but the position never materialised, as Whitesnake was being formed at the same time period.

Paice Ashton Lord was the band formed by Jon Lord and Ian Paice after the demise of Deep Purple. Long-time associate and keyboard player Tony Ashton made up the third part. Cozy Powell recommended Marsden, who auditioned alongside bassist Paul Martinez. There was much anticipation for the band, but after one album and only five gigs, the band folded during sessions in Munich for a second album, momentous because it was in Munich that Marsden met David Coverdale for the first time.

After Paice Ashton Lord folded, in 1978, Marsden formed a new band with former Deep Purple vocalist David Coverdale and guitarist Micky Moody. The band started as David Coverdale's Whitesnake, which then became Whitesnake. Marsden played on the first EP, first five albums and a live album: Snakebite , Trouble , Lovehunter , Ready & Willing , Live In The Heart Of The City , Come An' Get It and Saints & Sinners , contributing many of the songs with David Coverdale and sometimes Moody. Marsden and Coverdale went on to create Whitesnake's anthem "Here I Go Again" in 1982, a song that sold many millions all over the world. Both writers have received many awards for the song. As of 2018, the song has been counted at six million US radio plays.

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article "Bernie Marsden", which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

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