Rocks most iconic live band, only doing one uk show - Saturday 6th July 2019

by Musis Mar 27, 2019

The Who are embarking on a tour which includes the US, Canada and the UK. What's surprising is there are many US dates and a few in Canada, but only one in London on Saturday 6th July 2019 at Wembley Stadium, appropriately their home town. Roger Daltry the lead singer claimed he wanted to enjoy the rest of the summer in the UK, rather than tour it, though this might not appeal to those having to travel down to the big smoke to catch their idols live for perhaps the last time. Daltry claimed this will be his last tour, so this may be the last opportunity to see a band who are arguably the greatest rock 'n roll band ever.

Legendary guitarist Townsend is also penning new material for a forth coming release, which also coincides with a biography he's written charting his life in the Who, After flushing Moon's "great big bag full of pills" down the bog, Moon apparently "came slashing at me with the bells of a tambourine". The next day, Daltrey was fired from the band. However, he was asked to come back after the rest of the band were booed off stage"

One question many fans will be asking is this really the final live tour and if so why only one UK show.

Also on the bill are Eddie Vedder, The Kaiser Chiefs and Imelda May.

Read The Who's full biog and see information about tickets here Buy Tickets

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